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Market & Advertising Consultancy :::
Effective Publicity and Effective Marketing.
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New decade, century, millennium....
Resource Advertising Consultants, are committed to maintaining the vanguard of publicity, public relations, graphic arts, and technology. We consider the quality of our services indispensable which will guarantee client’s satisfaction.

Resource Advertising Consultants is a company that is distinctly Indian, which has paved the way in the competitive field of publicity. We offer the consumer and enterprises in initial consultation, advice, target market planning, and consistent follow-up of quality services within this field. Our philosophy states, "Every enterprise that is without superior advertising and marketing will inevitably fail in today's competitive environment." For this reason, our mission is precise, To offer small, medium, and large businesses initial consultation, evaluation of their current advertising tactics, and brainstorm to implement the best alternative cost-effective solutions to market your product or service.

Resource Advertising Consultants is based on a solid foundation with ONE purpose of informing businesses that there are logical alternatives which exist to obtain a more effective publicity campaign. This way they can re-evaluate past publicity approaches to marketing and determine better avenues of lucrative marketing strategies for the future which will increase their company's net yield.

To accomplish the purpose, in RESOURCE Advertising Consultants we offer a vast array of individual services such as: publicity via radio broadcasting, television, Internet, major newspapers, and other sources of advertising tools that are particular to fit and satisfy individual clients' needs. We also improve and elevate the image of your company with logos, "stationary", and much more. Further more, we have: the best artists, graphic designers, Internet website builders, computer programmers, and other top-notch pools of advertising experts who specialize in product endorsement. So, what sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we offer cost-efficient solutions to your problems without sacrificing quality.

Resource Advertising Consultants has created a new working system composed of dozens of services, in which the small, medium, and large business can competitively compete in the market, because you will have access to advertising techniques and tools which will supercede your competition. We provide excellent service without any unnecessary additional cost, and unlimited creativity that the client chooses which will offer solutions to choosing the best advertising and marketing for your company.

We provide our clients the best media-mix strategies and maximize their AD Spend. Our expectations are to satisfy each individual's publicity needs and for our client to obtain the most effective and competitive publicity for their business. We would also like to achieve the confidence of our clients, because of our outstanding commitment to serving them. We understand that the best publicity that our agency can have you being a satisfied client.

Our mission is to see you succeed and grow using cost-cutting advertising and marketing techniques. We care about you receiving the result you invest in. For this we are here to guide you and create an effective publicity approach in accordance with your necessity and budget.

We base our work in a strategic platform where the following elements are defined:

::  Which is the product or service that we intend to sell ?
::  The stage of development in which the product or service is in.
::  Geographic distribution of that service or product
::  In demographic and Psycho-graphic terms, who is the prospect consumer.
::  Why the prospective consumer will prefer our products or services instead of the one of our competitor's.
::  Which time of the year requires more effort than others.
::  Answering all the questions, we develop an action plan and implement a creative central concept.

To accomplish our commitment of bringing a fast service with reasonable and honest prices, we have a group of highly creative persons in every field whose Talents we hire on assignment basis.

This accelerates the process; making our operations more efficient and therefore decrease the cost of production for our clients. Still, more importantly, we maintain the confidentiality of work until their final release to the media.

Similarly we produce tv commercials, radio jingles, etc. we use the ones that adjust best to the project's demand, avoiding this way sacrificing quality of work, client's capital or waste resources.

It is important to mention that we will continually follow up with the client, informing them of new rates and better offers in each of the newspapers, magazines, broadcasting television stations, etc. Remember we make the difference in this industry, because our concern is that for each Rupee you spend in publicity you obtain the highest quality service. Watching your business grow will be our biggest reward.

Our work philosophy and discipline strategy is to look forward to offering a better service and to obtain the best and excellent results for our clients.

We rely on our rich experience and the most advanced technology available in the industry to serve you with great skill, ability, (agility) and discretion, at reasonable and honest prices.

Our Prestigious Clients ( To Name A Few )
  • Gala of Bangalore – the first Indian health drink in India
  • Indian Institute of Production Engineers
  • Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning
  • Tattvaloka Magazine